Child’s Farm review for Emma’s diary parent squad.

We were lucky enough to be picked as part of @officialemmasdiary #parentsquad to test and review @childsfarm baby bath and bedtime case. You can find them at Boots for around £19.99

The case it’s self is lovely and my eldest Moo took a shine to that immediately and now carries it around with her like a handbag 🤣.

In side was a bath thermometer which we tested and worked perfectly fine and a lovely little extra in the pack especially for new mums.

A bottle of their baby bedtime bubbles for sweet dreams 250mls – we loved this it smelt gorgeous with a hint of oranges and for the first time Moo who suffers with eczema didn’t scratch her self red in the bath!! ( Amazing we have tried every bubble bath and she just scratches).

Baby wash for hair & body 250mls – fragrance free but left the girls skin super soft and again no itching from either of them.

Baby moisturiser for precious new born skin 250mls – again this stuff is lovely left my girls itch free and skin super soft our new favourite moisturiser for the girls 😍.

And finally Nappy cream for happy bottoms 100mls – we haven’t used this yet but judging by the other products fade-in the #childsfarm range it will be brilliant stuff.

Both my girls suffer badly with sensitive skin and eczema and we have tried a variety of products for their #bathtime and nothing has come close to stopping them itch or rash in and after bath time other than #childsfarm we have been using it for 5 nights and Moo has pretty much stopped scratching entirely which is a miracle.

Fantastic products and range couldn’t recommend them enough.

My girls finally enjoy bath time completely.

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