☆☆ Review – Respiro Crib Mattress☆☆

☆☆ REVIEW of RESPIRO CRIB MATTRESS ☆☆ So we were lucky enough to one of a few picked by @officialemmasdiary #parentsquad to test out and review the fantastic Respiro Crib Mattress retailing around £149.00 – £169.00

I just want to point out now the size of the mattress 120cm X 60cm

So whats included. A metal frame, mattress sides, 1 wash bag, waterproof bottom sheet, storage bag.

Well the Respiro mattress is something I have never seen the mattress is actually a metal frame with 2 mattress sheets that attach 1st side is for upto 1yr olds which is firmer & 2nd side is 1-3 yrs.

…I have always been a panicky mum when it come to babies sleeping on there front it just scares me!! Roo sleeps on her front!! That’s why i was so excited to try the Respiro Crib Mattress as its hollow it means there is constant air flow & my little one can breath threw the mattress …

1 thing i noticed straight away was how heavy it is. It is quite heavy ( the metal frame) so please pregnant mummas do not try to lift this & put it together on your own!!

Instructions are really clear & easy to follow, there is also a hand youtube video https://youtu.be/jkbS_XDztNk

Set up was really easy! Just pulled out the frame a little slid on the mattress sides ( think i said sheets earlier but thats what i call them) partially zip the mattress sides and using the handle pull side 1 of the frame out click done! & using the handle and a pull loop inside the frame pull side 2 of the frame out click done zip up the ends properly & popped it in the cot.

Like i said super simple!!

We have it on upto 1 yr side for Roo and after testing it for 2 weeks we have found the mattress to be fantastic!!

Roo sleeps soundly on the respiro mattress and I do knowing she is safer with the constant air flow. The 1yr side is lovely & firm Roo jumps & plays in her cot & have never worried about the sturdiness of the mattress.

I would highly recommend this mattress its given me peace of mind & Roo loves it ♡

The sides are machine washable, the whole thing collapses & stores away in a bag it also means its great to pop away in the attic for another baby if your planning any more (we are planning baby no 3 in few years time )!!
#respiro #respirocotmattress #review

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