My first blog post.

So here I am at 10.35pm. Sat outside, on my phone with the dogs and instead of enjoying the peace and quiet after a long day at work.

I’m sat making a blog and writing my first ever post.

Why? You ask?

Because I need a space to speak freely, a space to talk to other like minded mums and dads, a space to let my crazy out.

I want to document my life with partner, 2 gorgeous girls, dog and the journey we’re sharing.

I want to be able to read through this when I’m older and remember…


I Quit !!! ….

So as some of you know I worked for our family run business letting apartments out as holiday homes.

I took this roll on last year in July 2018 I was 6 months pregnant at the time. Cleaning and managing the whole thing for well lets just say nothing.

After I had Jasmine 15th October 2019 I was back managing the place the day after…

The whole thing has brought me nothing but stress, upset and arguments. I was on call 24/7 … again for nothing.

So wednesday 21st August after being screamed and balled at for issues with the cleaner ( my sister ) I quit!

It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can honestly say I’m doing what is best for me and my family.

I have a business idea of my own in the pipe line.

And now at least I have real uninterrupted time with my loving partner and beautiful baby girls.

☆☆ Review – Respiro Crib Mattress☆☆

☆☆ REVIEW of RESPIRO CRIB MATTRESS ☆☆ So we were lucky enough to one of a few picked by @officialemmasdiary #parentsquad to test out and review the fantastic Respiro Crib Mattress retailing around £149.00 – £169.00

I just want to point out now the size of the mattress 120cm X 60cm

So whats included. A metal frame, mattress sides, 1 wash bag, waterproof bottom sheet, storage bag.

Well the Respiro mattress is something I have never seen the mattress is actually a metal frame with 2 mattress sheets that attach 1st side is for upto 1yr olds which is firmer & 2nd side is 1-3 yrs.

…I have always been a panicky mum when it come to babies sleeping on there front it just scares me!! Roo sleeps on her front!! That’s why i was so excited to try the Respiro Crib Mattress as its hollow it means there is constant air flow & my little one can breath threw the mattress …

1 thing i noticed straight away was how heavy it is. It is quite heavy ( the metal frame) so please pregnant mummas do not try to lift this & put it together on your own!!

Instructions are really clear & easy to follow, there is also a hand youtube video

Set up was really easy! Just pulled out the frame a little slid on the mattress sides ( think i said sheets earlier but thats what i call them) partially zip the mattress sides and using the handle pull side 1 of the frame out click done! & using the handle and a pull loop inside the frame pull side 2 of the frame out click done zip up the ends properly & popped it in the cot.

Like i said super simple!!

We have it on upto 1 yr side for Roo and after testing it for 2 weeks we have found the mattress to be fantastic!!

Roo sleeps soundly on the respiro mattress and I do knowing she is safer with the constant air flow. The 1yr side is lovely & firm Roo jumps & plays in her cot & have never worried about the sturdiness of the mattress.

I would highly recommend this mattress its given me peace of mind & Roo loves it ♡

The sides are machine washable, the whole thing collapses & stores away in a bag it also means its great to pop away in the attic for another baby if your planning any more (we are planning baby no 3 in few years time )!!
#respiro #respirocotmattress #review

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Child’s Farm review for Emma’s diary parent squad.

We were lucky enough to be picked as part of @officialemmasdiary #parentsquad to test and review @childsfarm baby bath and bedtime case. You can find them at Boots for around £19.99

The case it’s self is lovely and my eldest Moo took a shine to that immediately and now carries it around with her like a handbag 🤣.

In side was a bath thermometer which we tested and worked perfectly fine and a lovely little extra in the pack especially for new mums.

A bottle of their baby bedtime bubbles for sweet dreams 250mls – we loved this it smelt gorgeous with a hint of oranges and for the first time Moo who suffers with eczema didn’t scratch her self red in the bath!! ( Amazing we have tried every bubble bath and she just scratches).

Baby wash for hair & body 250mls – fragrance free but left the girls skin super soft and again no itching from either of them.

Baby moisturiser for precious new born skin 250mls – again this stuff is lovely left my girls itch free and skin super soft our new favourite moisturiser for the girls 😍.

And finally Nappy cream for happy bottoms 100mls – we haven’t used this yet but judging by the other products fade-in the #childsfarm range it will be brilliant stuff.

Both my girls suffer badly with sensitive skin and eczema and we have tried a variety of products for their #bathtime and nothing has come close to stopping them itch or rash in and after bath time other than #childsfarm we have been using it for 5 nights and Moo has pretty much stopped scratching entirely which is a miracle.

Fantastic products and range couldn’t recommend them enough.

My girls finally enjoy bath time completely.

So this is me ….

Okay …

Well I thought i should write a post about who I am, what I do etc …

First thing I want to point out straight away is that I am dyslexic. My post are bound to contain spelling or grammar mistakes for this I apologise now. I cope very well considering so please don’t penalise me for these mistakes.

This is me and my one true love.

Hi everyone, I am Tasha. I am a mumma of 2 gorgeous girls part of the 2 under 2 club!

I live with my amazing partner and our 3 dogs.

I have 2 jobs. I work for a large retail company as a freezer operative and RT driver in lovely -30° conditions 28 hours a week. I also manage our family business owned by my dad which is a 24/7 job. We rent out luxury serviced apartments as guest accommodation.

I’m loud, I’m bubbly, I’m honest and call shit out when I see it, I stand up for the right thing, I fight my own battles, I’m headstrong, I work hard, I’m dedicated and some of my friends say I’m a little crazy…. (but who isn’t?)

I love working with small businesses and always support local.

I signed up to Emma’s Diary Parent Power Panel (now #parentsquad) when i was on maternity leave with Roo my youngest to keep my sanity a little while being stuck in the house. As part of the squad your asked to review items for them and so far we have been lucky enough to review a few items which i will be posting to my blog at a later date. But from this grew a way of life. We love testing and reviewing stuff, things either gifted or purchased.

My girls, Jasmine aka Roo & Maisey aka Moo.

Also my girls rep for a few small businesses on Instagram, we enjoy it not for free stuff but to make connections with other mums and supporting and advertising small businesses in return we receive a small discount which is fantastic as we buy from them anyway. We love handmade items all the love put into making them for us makes it extra special. And you know that when you place an order with someone it’s bringing a smile to their face.

We are also currently renovating our house so lots of fun. I’m sure the odd post about it will appear in my blog.

So that me …