So this is me ….

Okay …

Well I thought i should write a post about who I am, what I do etc …

First thing I want to point out straight away is that I am dyslexic. My post are bound to contain spelling or grammar mistakes for this I apologise now. I cope very well considering so please don’t penalise me for these mistakes.

This is me and my one true love.

Hi everyone, I am Tasha. I am a mumma of 2 gorgeous girls part of the 2 under 2 club!

I live with my amazing partner and our 3 dogs.

I have 2 jobs. I work for a large retail company as a freezer operative and RT driver in lovely -30° conditions 28 hours a week. I also manage our family business owned by my dad which is a 24/7 job. We rent out luxury serviced apartments as guest accommodation.

I’m loud, I’m bubbly, I’m honest and call shit out when I see it, I stand up for the right thing, I fight my own battles, I’m headstrong, I work hard, I’m dedicated and some of my friends say I’m a little crazy…. (but who isn’t?)

I love working with small businesses and always support local.

I signed up to Emma’s Diary Parent Power Panel (now #parentsquad) when i was on maternity leave with Roo my youngest to keep my sanity a little while being stuck in the house. As part of the squad your asked to review items for them and so far we have been lucky enough to review a few items which i will be posting to my blog at a later date. But from this grew a way of life. We love testing and reviewing stuff, things either gifted or purchased.

My girls, Jasmine aka Roo & Maisey aka Moo.

Also my girls rep for a few small businesses on Instagram, we enjoy it not for free stuff but to make connections with other mums and supporting and advertising small businesses in return we receive a small discount which is fantastic as we buy from them anyway. We love handmade items all the love put into making them for us makes it extra special. And you know that when you place an order with someone it’s bringing a smile to their face.

We are also currently renovating our house so lots of fun. I’m sure the odd post about it will appear in my blog.

So that me …


3 thoughts on “So this is me ….

  1. M says:

    Aww nice to meet you hun! 😜Moo and Roo are absolutely gorgeous. How do you cope working in -30?! I wouldn’t survive that. Please don’t apologise for being dyslexic. It is part of who you are and you shouldn’t be judged for that. You’re a great writer and I love following you. Love you insta posts too!!! Xxx


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